Nov 14, 2012

Taiwan: Fair Journalism Cooperation

Taiwanese official Wang Yu-chi expressed the hope that Beijing will grant information flow on an equal basis to their fellow journalists in Taiwan.

Below is an article published by Focus Taiwan:

Speaking at a cross-strait news reporting awards ceremony in Taipei, Wang said press interactions between Taiwan and China should not be limited to the establishment of representative offices of media outlets on the two sides, which China has lobbied for.

Taiwan is more interested in the mainland promoting genuine freedom in news reporting, the official said. He also urged the two sides to consider promoting information flows on an equal basis when discussing issues related to the number of journalists on site or how long journalists from Taiwan can stay at their posts in China and vice versa.

Another of the goals Wang talked about was for the two sides to work to improve the environment for cross-strait news exchanges and allow their societies to feel the advantage of equal information flows. The goal reflected Wang's concern over China's control over the media and its occasional moves to block local access to Taiwanese news websites, in contrast to Taiwan's relative press freedom.

Speaking of China's request for media outlets in Taiwan and China to open offices on a reciprocal basis, Wang said Taiwan's government understands the need. Taiwan's current priority, however, is the establishment in each other's territory of offices of the organizations that represent the two sides in cross-strait negotiations -- Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation and the Beijing-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits -- Wang said. The Mainland Affairs Council, which Wang heads, will do the utmost to achieve that, he said.

At the 16th Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Awards presentation ceremony, the Taipei-based Want Daily was the biggest winner. It took four prizes for best newspaper news reporting, best newspaper feature, best non-video news reporting and best non-video news reporting by citizens of China, Hong Kong and Macau. Other award winners included the Voice of Han Broadcasting Network, Radio Taiwan International, TVBS, Business Weekly, and Rhythms Monthly.

Wang said the number of Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau citizens competing in the 2012 news reporting awards more than doubled from a year earlier, indicated the increased attention the awards have drawn from Chinese people.