Nov 08, 2012

Somaliland: Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission

The Somaliland parliament passed a bill to increase the efficiency of the Commission’s power to hold government officials accountable for their actions.  

Below is an article published on Sabahi Online: 

Somaliland's upper house of parliament, the House of Elders, passed a bill Tuesday [ 6 November 2012] to uphold the powers of the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission.

The session was attended by 51 of the house's 82 members, 49 of whom voted in favour of the bill and one who voted against it. Speaker Suleiman Mohamud Aden chaired the session and as such did not vote. The lower house of parliament, the House of Representatives, passed the bill in mid-October [2012].

The Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission will consist of a five-member committee, the first of its kind formed by the Somaliland administration, according to Hargeisa-based lawyer Hussein Jama Guled.

The bill was crucial because the commission, which was established informally in 2010, was hobbled by a lack of enforcement power, Guled told Sabahi. "It will force [government] leaders to understand that they are accountable to the public, that their work and conduct will be judged, and that legal action can be taken against them," he said.

The administration's governmental agencies have not been efficient and have not worked in a manner that reflects good governance and benefits their communities, he said.

According to the Somaliland law, once the bill passes the two houses, it should be signed into law by presidential decree within three weeks.