Nov 22, 2004

TOGETHER IN EUROPE: Integration, autonomy, welfare

Electoral Program of Béla Marko, DAHR Presidential candidate 2004
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Trascript of the Presidential Programme of Béla Marko.

The presidential mandate is valid for a period of five years: 2004-2009. In five years we must build a new country. Welfare indexes place our country among the laggards of Europe. The situation is similar if we refer to the general state of affairs. The consolidation of the institutions of democracy is still in progress. Until 2007 we have to fulfill the conditions set by the European Union, in 2008 we have to live at and comply with the level set by the Union. If owing to the confidence of the electorate I became the president of the country, at the end of my mandate I would have to hand over a reconstructed country to my successor. Thus, we have to create the regional framework that corresponds to our existence in the European Union; we have to establish the different forms of institutional, community and administrational autonomy.

Five years dedicated to the construction of a country. Can I assume, can we assume this responsibility? I am Transylvanian. The performances of the Transylvanian spirit were integrated into the universal evolution of mankind from Bolyai János to Aurel Vlaicu. Religious tolerance, the freedom of thought and spirit was promulgated in Transylvania in 1568. Unfortunately, much later the Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day still took place in Paris. Tolerance – the foundation-stone of democracy –, the acceptance of diversity, the respect for the will of different communities are all the products of my native land. Our community could rise to any occasion if needed. Today Romania needs the Transylvanian thinking. Therefore, my answer is yes. I can, we can assume the modernization of the country, its integration into the information society, the creation of European conditions not only in a geographical sense. All the citizens of the country can assume the program, and I can assume all the citizens of the country. Let’s build a prosperous country from a poor one; let’s reverse the decrease of population; let each region, each community decide its own destiny – we are going to provide its juridical and institutional framework!

The electoral program of our Alliance includes the elements of a regional strategy. My program does not reiterate them, but, based on the same principles, presents the possibilities of a candidate that has in view the prosperity of his country.

My program means: integration, autonomy and welfare!

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