Oct 05, 2012

Abkhazia: Speaking In Unity For Recognition

The outcome of the Georgian parliamentary elections presented a new opportunity for Abkhazia and South Ossetia to unanimously re-stress the issue of independence and recognition.

Below is an article published by Georgia Online:

Abkhazia and South Ossetia name the same terms and conditions for "improving relations" with Tbilisi after the victory of the coalition "Georgian Dream" in the parliamentary elections of Georgia.

"Improving relations is possible only if Georgia recognizes the independence of South Ossetia and considers it an equal state" the representative of the de facto Tskhinvali Ministry of Foreign Affairs Albina Chihoeva told Russian Gazete.ru.

She stressed that recognition can occur only when the Georgian politicians "actually realize that two new states had been formed in the Caucasus." so in terms of relationship "nothing will change because any Georgian President believes that these are the occupied territories."

Tskhinvali deputy speaker Yuri Dzitstsoity is more optimistic. He expressed hope that the new leadership of Georgia if not legally, then "at least de facto, is aware that there is a new state next to it with its own borders" and "after the departure of Saakashvili into oblivion" relationship "between the two countries" will be peaceful.

The representative of the Abkhaz leader Kristian Bzhania was no less outspoken. According to him, Abkhazia expects Tbilisi to do only one thing – recognize the independence of Abkhazia.

"We expect Georgia to do just one thing - recognize our independence. But when will Georgia have this kind of government is unknown to us.” said Bzhania.

He said it is possible that the issue of recognizing Abkhazia can be reconsidered by the Government of Ivanishvili in a suitable for Sukhumi manner, but "the huge negative baggage that exists in our relationships, does not give us any reason to believe in better future."

At the same time Bzhania stressed that Abkhazia is not going to take any steps to establish relations with the new government of Georgia - and expects the first steps from Tbilisi. However, he noted that in Abkhazia people believe that they live in a different political environment, and expect "only problems" from the Georgian side.