Sep 28, 2012

Somaliland: Edna Adan Receives Global Citizen Movement Award

Based on her dedicated work in the fight against poverty, Somaliland’s Edna Adan has been counted amongst the most outstanding leaders.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Sun:

The Global Poverty Project (GPP) announced on 28 September [2012] the winners of the Global Citizen Movement Awards, recognizing four outstanding leaders in the fight against extreme poverty. The Awards, made possible by the generous support of KOZMINSKY Jewelry, will be presented at the Global Citizen Festival 2012, on the Great Lawn of New York's iconic Central Park on September 29, 2012.

The awards will be presented to four outstanding individuals who embody the diversity of efforts and resources that are needed to achieve our generation's common goal: the end of extreme poverty.

Wifrid Macena, Community & Leadership Award. An amputee in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, Wilfrid is recognized as a man who through tremendous pain and hardship had the courage of a relentless smile and the boundless spirit to see opportunity in the challenges he faced and act upon those opportunities to help others in his community.

Edna Adan, Dedication to Service Award. Edna has committed her life to improving the health and well-being of the people in Somaliland – an area in Africa, which experiences one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. She is an advocate for women and girls, men, families and communities in Somaliland.

Urmi Basu, Commitment to Justice & Systemic Change Award. Urmi fights gender inequality in India, and is working to empower women, against a void of legal and social protections that exist in her country. Her goal is to support women who are victims of trafficking and forced prostitution empowering them with rights that have been long denied.

Dr. Peter Salk, on behalf of his father Jonas Salk, Technology & Innovation Award. Dr. Peter Salk will accept on behalf of Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin and all medical scientists who pioneered vaccines to immunize against polio and other preventable diseases. Their innovation and discovery has saved the lives of millions of children and greatly reduced the number of preventable deaths worldwide.

The Global Poverty Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty. An Australian grown project, The Global Poverty Project creates campaigns with the purpose to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty, with the vision of a world without extreme poverty, within a generation.