Sep 25, 2012

Vhavenda: Mphephu Officially Becomes King

Mphephu was awarded the certificate recognizing him as king of the Vhavenda

Below is an article published by ZOUTNET:

Well-known Limpopo attorney Nkhume Makhavhu, who represented the Mphephu royal family in a case that culminated in the restoration of the Vhavenda kingship, says he is humbled and very honoured to have been part of the whole process.

Makhavhu was among the guests during the handing over of a certificate recognising Toni Mphephu as king of the Vhavenda on Sunday.

In an interview with Limpopo Mirror after the official ceremony, Makhavhu said he was very happy to have worked with the teams that assisted the court to arrive at the correct decision.

"It has been a very long journey, starting in 2005 when I joined a team that was under Mudinda Ramagwede. This has been a very remarkable experience. Working with top-flight legal eagles in the mould of Dumisa Ntsebenza, Norman Arendse, Dumisa Lebala and Mbuyisile Madlanga was one of the occasions that one could only dream of,” said Makhavhu.

Asked how he felt to be representing the Vhavenda royal family, Makhavhu was quick to point out that he is part of the family, but that this did not matter when it came to his work. "I belong to the Masingo clan, born in Nzhelele. The king is my friend, but I can tell you this did not interfere with our work. They treated me like their attorney and I treated them as my clients," he said.

He said when the task of representing the royal family was entrusted to him, he prayed to God for guidance, “that in the midst of all my weaknesses, I should develop the strength to deliver the product that I was mandated to by the royal families in Venda and the Venda people as a whole.” He said he was honoured that the family had trust in him.

"After all that happened, when I look at their faces, I could not believe I was the one who brought all those smiles. One thing the royal family is determined to do from here is to unite all the Vhavenda chiefs and the Vhavenda nation. With the support the king is getting, it will just be a matter of time before we see development in the Vhavenda nation. We are going to start immediately with the development of our people in all spheres, be it social, economical and political.”

According to him, South Africa is going to know there are Vhavenda people in Limpopo “by the impact we are going to make in society.”