Sep 18, 2012

Afrikaner: ANC Provides Unclear Picture On White Men In South African Economy

The Freedom Front Plus criticized the African National Congress for presenting economic statistics in a way which encourages people to believe white men are still dominating the South African economy. 

Below is an article published by SABC:


Mulder responds to Commission for Employment Equity 12th edition of the annual report . (SABC)


The ANC did not give a clear picture on the state of affirmative action in the South African economy, the Freedom Front Plus said yesterday.


It distorted the picture of the reality of what was actually happening by placing emphasis only on the top positions in the economy, FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder said. "White men fill 55 percent of the top positions," said Mulder.


These top positions however only make up 0, 3 % of all economic positions which were evaluated. It was therefore 55 % of 0, 3 % of the economic positions in the country.


Mulder was responding to the 12th edition of the annual report of the Commission for Employment Equity which was released this week. The top positions only make up 19,000 of the 5 million positions which were evaluated.


Mulder said when the two lowest categories were considered, white people were under-represented. "What makes this under-representation serious discrimination was the fact that it affected nearly three million positions".


He said the ANC does not want to accept that the attempts to enforce racial representativeness had a negative effect on the creation of permanent employment opportunities.