Sep 14, 2012

Balochistan: Immediate Attention Required

The Pakistani National Assembly has raised awareness of the human rights situation in Balochistan, claiming more adequate and efficient measures should be implemented.

Below is an article published by International News Network:

National Assembly has expressed its apprehensions on the human right situation in Balochistan as circumstances like East Pakistan is arising there.

During the session of National Assembly on Wednesday [12 September 2012] the MNAs suggested to take solid measures for improving the condition instead of criticizing the UN mission on missing persons.

The MNA from PPP Noor Alam said on point of order that they will not accept the operation in North Waziristan Agency to get Obama victory in US presidential elections. He said that the government should take the nation into confidence on the talks between India and Pakistan held recently on Foreign Ministry level.

“India is not ready to accept Pakistan a friend, but we are singing the song of friendship day and night. The UN did not take any notice on drone attacks, but it came into action on missing persons”, he added.

MNA from ANP Usman Khan Advocate said that the condition in Balochistan is worse than FATA and Kashmir. The matter of Balochistan requires immediate attention . He said that the political institutions have not any authority to resolve the issue.

Special advisor to Prime Minister Atiya Inayat Ullah told the house that Ministry of Human Rights is preparing a bill to prevent the enforced missing of persons on the recommendations of Standing Committee of National Assembly on Human Rights. The bill would be tabled in the parliament soon.

Ayaz Mir of PML(N) said that every type of cruelty is being carried out in Balochistan in the name of security. The secret agencies working there do not function under the government. It has become difficult to talk about Pakistan in Balochistan.

Zafar Baig said that the coming of UN commission on missing persons is the part of a conspiracy against Pakistan. International powers has kept eye on Balochistan. Now they are getting an opportunity to intervene in the name of human rights.

Dr Darshan drew the attention of the national assembly towards devastation due to rains and flood in Sindh. He said that the affectees are waiting for government’s help under open sky. They must be provided medicines and food immediately. He said that new local bodies ordinance in Sindh would divide the province.