Sep 13, 2012

East Turkestan: Allegations Of China Harvesting Organs Under Investigation

Surfacing reports of the selling of religious and political dissidents’ organs by Chinese authorities have drawn the attention of U.S lawmakers, who started investigations.

Below is an article published by NBC4 News:

At a House hearing, Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., alleged that kidneys, livers, lungs, hearts and corneas were taken from recently deceased prisoners and that China's military doctors also may be harvesting organs from live prisoners. He conceded that much of the evidence is circumstantial, but decried the harvesting as a "barbaric practice that must be stopped."

In an annual human rights review this year, the State Department cited reports of organ harvesting in China, particularly from practitioners of the banned religious sect, Falun Gong, and the Uighur ethnic minority.

Chinese state media have reported that two-thirds of transplant organs in China come from prisoners. In March, its health ministry said it planned to abolish organ harvesting from death-row inmates within the next five years.