Sep 12, 2012

UNPO President Ngawang Choephel Speaks Out Against Human Rights Violations In China At Human Rights Council

UNPO President Ngawang Choephel addressed the High Commissioner for Human Rights for neglecting continuous Human Rights violations in the People’s Republic of China.

On 11th of September 2012 the third Meeting of the Human Rights Council’s 21st Regular Session was held in the Palais des Nations, Geneva. UNPO President Ngawang Choephel attended the session and used the opportunity to speak out on behalf of the Uyghurs, Tibetans and Inner Mongolians:

“…we are disappointed of the High Commissioner’s persistent silence on the massive violations of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms taking place in China, especially of Mongolians, Tibetans and Uyghurs.”

The President of UNPO criticized the Human Rights Council for not holding itself to its own principles of treating all Human Rights violations equally. Ngawang referred to how the Human Rights Council was focusing on Human Rights violations in certain countries such as Syria and Gambia, as seen in the High Commissioner Opening statement for the 21st session, while turning a blind eye towards the situation in other countries. Ngawang stated that such a selective approach from the Human Rights Council was detrimental to the credibility of the institution.

He underlined the issue of continued use of the death penalty which, combined with ethnic discrimination and lack of transparency in the Chinese justice system, results in numerous mistrials, especially affecting Mongolians, Tibetans and Uyghurs. Executions of members of these groups are frequent and are often carried out without the approval of the Supreme Court of China.

Ngawang Choephel urged the High Commissioner to “publicly call upon China to fulfill its obligations to International Human Rights standards and norms.” Furthermore, he expressed support for increased monitoring of executions in China and eventually the abolition of the death penalty in the Republic.


You can watch a video recording of his speech HERE, as well as access material on other sessions of various United Nations bodies.