Jan 30, 2002

Jihad in the Moluccas

“It is more and more evident that the ultimate goal of the Jihad is: changing the democratic Republic of Indonesia into a Muslim state” - Presidium Republik Maluku Selatan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since the sectarian violence started in January 1999, more than 900.000 people have been internally displaced. More than 400 churches have been destroyed, and more than 6000 people have died. The situation in the city of Ambon continues to be coloured by acts of violence.
The conflict in the Moluccas, which started on January 19, 1999 has destroyed several traditional Christian villages on the island of Ambon. Two universities, two police complexes and various Christian residential areas have been attacked by large mobs of Jihad forces with the full support of several army units and individuals within the police forces. When the mobs attacked these villages they were led by personnel in military uniform wearing steel helmets, with the civil militia mobs behind them.

Jihad forces

It should be noted that civil rioting in the Moluccas started after the arrival of the Jihad forces from outside the Moluccas (by the end of April 2000). Most of them received military training in northern Java where they were prepared to fight a Jihad against the Christians.
The militant Muslims arrive in the Moluccas by means of public transportation and later arm themselves with weapons that have been smuggled to the island. The total number of Jihad personnel sent to the Moluccas, up till October 1, 2000, was already more than 14 804 (this information was released by the Central Communication Forum of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamm’ah and was quoted in the MHI news of October 2000).
On July 17, 2001 seven Afghan nationals flew into the strife-torn Moluccas capital of Ambon to a warm greeting from local police officers and a welcoming party of Indonesian Muslim militants. When officials wanted to check their identities by looking at their passports, the Laskar Jihad militants brushed them aside before whisking their mystery guests away. They joined about 200 other Afghan, Pakistani and Malaysian fighters, whom Western intelligence sources claim, are on the island to help the Laskar Jihad in their violent campaign against the Christian population.

The present situation is unpredictable. The Jihad forces are like a ticking time-bomb that can explode every moment. The Moluccan people are no longer able to face another escalation of violence.
The violence is continually being planned and organised by a political and military conspiracy, and is being acted out by the Jihad forces, the security forces and the local government in the Moluccas.

Both the Christians and the Muslims in the Moluccas have been hit hard by the violent conflict. On the side of the Muslims in the Moluccas pressure is put on them to join the Jihad forces in the name of religion. Along with this pressure all oportunities for peace and reconciliation between the two communities in the Moluccas is systematically destroyed.

The government along with the security forces are no longer acting as protector and upholder of human rights in the Moluccas. Therefore, the international community should take action to wipe out the Jihad forces from the Moluccas, in order to put an end to the violence and restore peace and respect for human rights. The Jihad forces have to be driven out of the Moluccas in order for the Moluccan people, both Christian and Muslim, to live in peace, as they have always done before.