Aug 31, 2012

Haratin: Biram Dah Abeid Back in Hospital

President of the Initiative pour la Résurgence du mouvement Abolitionniste (IRA) Biram Dah Abeid has been transferred from his prison cell to a hospital in Nouakchott as a result of deteriorating health. It is reportedly Mr. Dah Abeid's fourth time in hospital in a month.

Please find below a press release published by the IRA:

l’Initiative pour la Résurgence du mouvement Abolitionniste

Press Release

IRA –Mauritania

The President of « Initiative pour la Résurgence du mouvement Abolitionniste », IRA, Mr Biram Ould Abeid has been transferred from prison to the national hospital in Nouakchott.  He has been placed in the emergency department whilst remaining under surveillance by police personnel.

According to available news sources, this has been the fourth time this month that the IRA president has required hospitalisation and medical treatment.  Following emergency treatment, he was systematically brought back to his cell.  Information on these health checks has not been communicated and details have not been disclosed to him or his family.

In expressing their alarm and deep concern for Mr Biram Ould Abieid’s health, the IRA reiterates:

1.      The request to Mauritanian authorities to offer all necessary medical assistance to Mr.  Biram Ould Abeid until a complete and final diagnosis can be established on the cause of his condition is, as well as any proper treatment that his health may require;

2.     That General Mohamed Ould Abdle Aziz be held personally responsible for anything that may happen to Mr. Biram Oud Abeid, who is being arbitrarily detained and whose health is worsening from lack of treatment;

3.    That all groups who support a lively society in Mauritania express their support for Mr. Biram Oud Abeid, as he is slowly being killed in the prisons of General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz;

4.    The warning against the law of silence imposed to keep the health condition of Mr. Biram Ould Abeid unknown and a request that political parties, civil society organisations and international institutions maintain their distance and to not be part of it. 

Nouakchott, 29/09/2012

Le Bureau Exécutif