Aug 23, 2012

Balochistan: Singer Abducted by Paramilitary Forces

A popular Baloch singer has become the most recent victim of enforced disappearance at the hands of Pakistani security forces, after he was abducted from the Quetta district and taken to an unknown location by the Pakistani Frontier Corps, a federally controlled paramilitary force.

Below is an article published by Balochwarna Online News:

A well-known Balochi language singer was abducted by Pakistan FC (Frontier Corps) here [Quetta] on Saturday [18 August 2012]. His family sources confirmed the abduction and said that he has been taken to an unidentified location.

According to details Inayat Gul Kharani, a Balochi language singer from district Kharan of Balochistan whisked away by the FC and shifted to an undisclosed location. Like thousands of missing Baloch Mr Inayat Gul’s whereabouts remain unknown and he has no access to a legal representative.

Inayat Gul Kharani is not the first and last Baloch singer or artist who has become victim [to] enforced disappearance by Pakistan’s security forces.

Previously the house of another Baloch singer, Hameed Shareef, was raided by Pakistan army. His latest audio album ''Sarmachar'' (the freedom fighter) was banned in Balochistan and all cassettes/CDs of his songs were confiscated.

In December 2010, Fakir Mohammad Ajiz Shahwani, a Balochi and Brahvi language singer, was abducted by Pakistani officials from Mastung town in Balochistan few weeks later he was killed in custody and his body was dumped in a deserted area. Another Balochi and Brahvi language singer, Ali Jan Saqib, was also killed under custody by Pakistan’s security forces. He was abducted from a hotel in Quetta. Similarly a renowned Balochi singer Azeem Baloch was imprisoned for several months for singing Balochi revolutionary songs. He was brutally tortured in captivity.

Pakistan has been continually threatening Baloch writers, poets, singers and artists who raise their voices for the human rights of Baloch people and condemn atrocities of Pakistan army in Balochistan.