Aug 20, 2012

Sindh: Illegal Arrests Of Peasant Leaders

Sindh Hari Porhiat Council requests release of two peasant leaders who were arrested as a result of landlords and police working together to keep down the Sindh peasant rights movement.

Bellow is a press release published by IAOJ:


Sindh Hari Porhiat Council Hyderabad condemns the illegal arrest of two peasant leaders Mr. Hyder Khoso and Zulfiquar Khoso at Chambar police station. Punhal Sario, President Sindh Porhiat council has alleged land lords of village Ghulab Laghari and medical Officer at Basic Health unit have offered bribe to police to arrested the peasant leaders. Further saying that police and local land lords cannot prevent our ongoing movement for the rights of peasants of Sindh. It is clear from their arrest that police and land lords together are threatening our peasant leaders.

We are aware of heinous police intentions that police is trying to launch fake FIR against the arrested leaders. Chambar Police is informed to release the peasant leaders as soon as possible otherwise Sindh Hari Porhiat Council will extend its protest in the entire Sindh. Remember that protests have been demonstrated against the illegal arrest of peasant leaders in the following villages: Ghulab Laghari, Chambar, Wahi Pandhi, Sanjar Chang and Kari Mori.