Aug 16, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: Aid Distributed after Earthquake

A relief operation is underway by the Turkish Red Crescent in Southern Azerbaijan to distribute aid to victims of the twin earthquakes that struck the region over the weekend.  

Below is an article published by Hurriyet Daily News:

The Turkish Red Crescent has begun to distribute relief to victims of deadly twin earthquakes that hit northwestern Iran over the weekend.

Two trucks of relief equipment were sent to the region, Red Crescent Headquarters said. The relief teams were welcomed by Iranian officials. Turkish Red Crescent workers distributed aid including food, water, blankets and kitchen sets to earthquake victims. The Turkish Red Crescent is the first international organization to reach the region.

On Aug. 13 [2012], Iran’s Red Crescent sent back a rescue team from Turkey that arrived without advance coordination. Iranian officials first said the international aid was not needed. However, a few days after the earthquakes, Tehran said foreign aid would be welcomed.