Aug 14, 2012

Nagalim: Call For Non-Violent Protest Against Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants

The local Naga Council of Dimapur asks all citizens of Nagaland to socially and economically boycott illegal migrants from Bangladesh through peaceful means.

Below is an article published by Deccan Herald:

Launching what it called 'pledge campaign' to get Nagaland rid of immigrants, the Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council, the leading body of the community, called upon the citizens not to entertain such people in their localities, terming the initiative a non-violent, peaceful campaign.

The organisation threatened to launch the campaign at the council building from tomorrow.
Representatives from various tribal, women, youth and students' organizations of Dimapur after thorough deliberation on influx took the resolution on July 29, it said.

"It is a campaign to re-assert our control over own land, resources and economy through peaceful means," it said.