Aug 13, 2012

Tibet: U.S. Congressmen Encourage Involvement

A letter has been sent by two U.S. Congressmen to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, urging her to take stronger and more visible and coordinated diplomacy measures to alleviate the crisis in Tibet.

Below is an article published by The Central Tibetan Administration:

Two US congressmen have strongly urged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to undertake stronger, more coordinated, visible international diplomatic steps to reverse the crisis in Tibet.

Congressmen James P McGovern and Frank R Wolf sent a letter to Secretary Clinton on 9 August [2012], expressing grave concern over the spate of tragic self-immolation of Tibetans in response to the Chinese government’s repression in Tibet.

“We are very aware that US officials regularly discuss Tibet and many other human rights issues with like-minded governments. However, more visible, public and coordinated diplomacy is necessary for the Chinese government to feel pressure to alter its conduct,” the letter noted.

The congressmen suggested that the US could host an international conference on the issue of Tibet, hold periodic, public meetings with governments and establish Contact Group among its partner nations at the United Nations as an effective means of expressing support to the issue of Tibet.

“As the United States continues its “pivot” towards Asia, it is important that the US demonstrate that it is not deaf to the desperate appeals for help and support emanating from Tibetans,” the congressmen said.