Nov 16, 2004

Kazakhstan extradates Uyghurs to China

Kazakh authorities endanger the life of 14 Uyghurs for alleged separatist activities
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A top Kazakh security official today said that Kazakhstan has extradited 14 Uyghurs to China and Kyrgyzstan in the past six years for alleged extremist activities.

Vladimir Bozhko, the deputy chairman of Kazakhstan's National Security Agency, made the announcement today in Astana.

"Due to facts of involvement into Uyghur separatist organizations, 14 individuals have been extradited to Kyrgyzstan and China," Bozhko said.

Bozhko said all those extradited were Uyghur members of a group called the Eastern Turkestan Liberation Party, which he described as an Uyghur separatist organization.

Source: RFE