Aug 02, 2012

Somaliland: Drought Maintains Grip Despite Rainfall

Rainfall earlier this week did not reduce the water deficit in Somaliland after three years of drought. With the population experiencing severe water and food shortages, the first casualties are being reported.   

Below is an article published by Somalilandpress:

A moderate rainfall brought some relief on Monday night [30 July 2012] in the seaport town of Berbera and surrounding spots after three years of drought.

Residents in the town said good drenching of rain in parts of Sahil region led to a dip in the temperature, giving residents some respite from sweltering heat.

The authority, however said despite the wet weather, it was not enough to end the drought nor ease the water and food shortages currently experienced by more than 200, 000 people. They added it will take more rains to return soil moisture levels to normal.

The government in Hargeisa reiterated that recent heavy rains in parts of the country, where some provoked flash floods, did little to reduce the rainfall deficit.

They urged the international community to come to help assist communities in drought-stricken areas, in particular those dotted along the coastal spots. There are reports that hunger and thirst has already claimed the lives of five people in Somaliland.

Heavy rains recently displaced hundreds of families in Hargeisa and towns in Gabiley region near the Ethiopian border.

As of this month, rains are expected in most parts of Somaliland and regions in Ethiopia and Somalia, however the rain seasons have become unpredictable in recent times.