Jul 31, 2012

Haratin: An Evening Dedicated To Biram

On Friday 24 July 2012, took place a militant awareness event organized by IRA-Mauritanie and KAWTAL YELITAREE. During the evening, concerns were voiced against social injustice, slavery, racism, exclusion, impunity and stranglehold of executive power over judicial power. In particular in the case of the incineration of books glorifying slavery, which President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz’s will in connivance with the prosecutor Cheikh Ahmed Ould Baba keeps in prison the activists for human rights. 

Djiby Sow, president of KAWTAL YELITAREE, denounced the staunch opposition of the president of the Republic against righteous men who are unfairly arrested for book-burning reason, while the real reason is that Biram has become a threat for the regime.

The vice president of IRA-Mauritanie declared that the act of Biram was the expression of discontent from slaves and their descendants against these books which legitimize slavery, that they burnt before IRA with the movement Elhor though the call of the oppressed had never been heard. According to him, Biram was arrested because the reactionary forces fear him - seeing him as a menace for their privileges, and because he is a man that challenges slaves’ owners. The vice-president denounced as well the demonization of Haratins who refused compromise and a shame pact with a regime that oppress them and deprive them of their fundamental rights.

Then GUELOGAL expressed his puzzlement about the hypocrisy of a people, when a whole community stands against a man who burns the “Abrégé de Khlil” which is not sacred - whereas men who have the Holy Koran in their heart are buried alive in mass graves during the Holy month of Ramadan and others such as Ba Abdoul, Djigo Tabssirou and Tene Yaoussouf Guéye have suffered slow and horrible deaths but no one reacted. GUELOGAL reasserted that Biram Ould Dah’s action is the fight of every oppressed people and that he’ll win.