Jul 30, 2012

Tibet: Worldwide Solidarity Vigil

Exile Administration calls for holding a worldwide vigil aimed at bringing attention to the current human rights situation and Chinese repressive policies. 

Below is an article published by the Tibet Post International:

A press statement issued by the Kashag, the executive body of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), said that a worldwide vigil for Tibet will be held on August 8, 2012 to express prayers, sympathy, support and solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.

The mass solidarity vigil which aimed to bring a great attention to the current situation in Tibet and the continuing wave of self-immolations in Tibet to protest against Chinese repressive policies in the Himalayan region.

"To demonstrate solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet and mark the first anniversary of Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay swearing into Office, the Kashag calls upon all Tibetans and Tibet supporters living in the free world to organize a worldwide vigil on 8 August 2012," the statement said.

"The Kashag invites Tibetans to wear traditional dress on that day and offer Dentsik Monlam (Prayer of Truth) along with other prayers as a sign of respect and condolence," the statement further added.

The statement has urged Tibetans and Tibet supporters all over the world to take part in a global vigil in a peaceful and dignified manner. "The vigils should take place peacefully, in accordance with the laws of your country, and with dignity," it continued.

Since 2009, at least 44 people have set themselves on fire in Tibet in protest at the totalitarian regime of China, according to CTA statistics. This tragic event in Tibet becomes the largest in the history of the self-immolation protests. "The wave of self-immolations is one of the biggest in modern history to fight their freedom," said Mr. Nyima T.J. a Tibetan political analyst.