Jul 26, 2012

Taiwan: Raising Taiwanese Students Awareness

A two-week program to provide students from Taiwan with knowledge of the Tibetan issue is currently taking place in Dharamsala in India, where the Tibetan government has taken refuge. 

Below is an article published by Students for a Free Tibet:

Students for a Free Tibet, India in coordination with Taiwan Friends of Tibet organized the second Tibet awareness program in Dharamsala [India] for students from Taiwan universities. The initiative started last year [2011] with the aim of introducing Tibetan culture, Tibetan political movement, Tibetan religion and Tibetan community in exile to the young Taiwanese students.

This year sixteen students along with two professors have come from five different Taiwan universities: Shih Hsin University, Providence University, National Chengchi University, Taipei National University of Arts and Soochow University.

The program include two week of intensive learning, where the first week mainly comprised of acquainting oneself with the administration of the various NGO’s, Tibetan Govt-in-Exile, Tibetan school, Men Tse Khang, Monasteries and cultural centers followed by second week of individual reporting and research through interaction with various Tibetan political prisoners.

“Before I came to Dharamsala I thought Tibetans in exile would be going through hard time and unfavorable condition but I then realized Tibetans are strong, organized and committed to Tibetan freedom struggle, which inspired me a lot,” said Meng-huan, a student of Taipei National University of Arts, most prestigious University in Taiwan. “I am looking forward to work for the Tibet movement by joining Taiwan Friends of Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet-Taiwan.”

The students also had an opportunity to briefly interact with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Information and International Relations of the the Tibetan Govt-in-Exile

“I am very inspired to see the energy and commitment of Tibetan people towards their non-violent struggle despite five decades of tribulations,” said Chen Chien Fu, a student from National Taiwan University. “I strongly support Tibetan people's fight for their independence and express my solidarity and prayers for those Tibetans who have sacrificed their life for Tibet through numbers of self-immolation.”

“I had the opportunity to interact and discover the extensive support people of Taiwan have toward the struggle of Tibet through the Free Tibet Festival in Taiwan organized by Taiwan Friends of Tibet this year[2012],” said Dorjee Tseten, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet, India. “Program such as this which we are organizing, I believe, is very helpful and important in understanding the parallels we share with each other in our struggle and strengthening ties in building global force against the despotism of Communist China”

The program began on 18th July [2012] and will conclude with an audience with His Holiness the Karmapa at the Gyuto Monastery on 30th July [2012]. Besides their interaction with various Tibetan Government officials including the speaker, they also met with several activists, writers such as Tenzin Tsundue and Bhuchung D Sonam.