Jul 26, 2012

Mapuche: Images Of Oppression Shock Public Opinion

The release of images picturing young Mapuche wounded by the Chilean police during an eviction operation have shocked public opinion. 

Below is an article published by Prensa Latina:

Santiago, Chile, July 25 [2012] Powerful images of two Mapuche minors wounded by Chilean carabineros (police) during an eviction operation in an Araucania community have shocked public opinion.

The denunciation was posted on the Mapuche Werken.cl website, with images of numerous wounds caused by pellets to girl Fernanda Marillan, 12, and teen Fabian Llanca, 16, intheir head, back and limbs while they were gathering information about several people detained.

Spokesman for the Temucuicui community, Mijael Carbone, denounced that the carabineros opened fire at close range with total disregard for the presence of elders, women and children.

According to reports, there are another three arrested girls who were also wounded.

In opinion of Jesuit priest Pablo Castro, these incidents are serious and shameful. He said such things have been happening for a long time and have been denounced by human rights bodies.

He said there is a great historic, very complex debt to the Mapuche people that nobody wants to deal with.