Nov 16, 2004

Abkhazia: situation in Abkhazia normalizing

Deputies of parliament of the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia came to work on Monday, said parliament speaker Nugzar Ashuba
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SUKHUMI, Nov 15 (RIA Novosti) - Deputies of parliament of Georgia's rebellious autonomy, the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia, came to work on Monday, said parliament speaker Nugzar Ashuba.

"Parliamentarians gathered not in a body, but most staff officers are on workplaces," he said.

Mr. Ashuba added that the building of Abkhazian parliament was "under the guard of police and the structures that guarded it all the time."

He recognized that the situation in the republic remained complicated, and called to seek the way out of the situation "in dialogue with all sides." The head of parliament noted the necessity to display "goodwill of people, tolerance in relations with each other" and make compromising decisions.

Mr. Ashuba stressed that deputies would start active parliamentary activity after they buried scientist Tamara Shakryl who had died on November 12 during disorders in Sukhumi, when supporters of Abkhazian presidential candidate Sergei Bagapsh seized a complex of government buildings.

Abkhazian President Vladislav Ardzinba signed on October 29 a decree on holding repeated presidential elections. In line with the document, the republic's Central Election Commission is to fix repeated elections, defining their date with account for terms necessary to nominate and register candidates and carry out other election procedures.

Abkhazian CEC head Sergei Smyr said on November 11 that he did not intend to gather CEC members to appoint a date for repeated elections. "If Central Election Commission members want, let them gather. I won't participate in this," he said.

Presidential candidate Sergei Bagapsh, who is believed by some to be a protege of Tbilisi (his wife is Georgian), said last week before events in the government complex, that the unrecognized republic's parliament was to set the date of presidential elections in Abkhazia, although he has always stressed that he won the elections on September 3, and that his main contender at elections, President Vladislav Ardzinba's protege, Raul Khadzhimba, who had disagreed with the defeat at elections, was guilty of creating a crisis situation in Abkhazia.

Source: RIA Novosti