Jul 16, 2012

Balochistan: New Association Formed By Students

A new association dedicated to educational, social and cultural well-being of the Baloch students and youth in the UK has been formed in London. 

Below is an article published by The Baloch Hal:

A new organization called Baloch Students and Youth Association (UK) has been formed in a gathering of the Baloch students and activists in London.

In a detailed initial statement issued by the central spokesperson of the organization, it was said that in a gathering attended by the majority of the Baloch students and youth in the UK, it was discussed that in recent years a number of students from all parts of Baluchistan are getting admission in the UK colleges and Universities. Adapting to the norms of a new educational and social milieu has always been a daunting task. As new comers to a new country and society, Baloch students are facing tremendous academic, social and personal problems. To extend a helping hand to them in facing difficult circumstance (whether personal, educational or socio-cultural) is to fulfil a cherished Baloch social value. Keeping this mind, the establishment of Baloch Students and Youth Association is to find ways in order to help the Baloch students in the fulfilment of their personal, social and national ambitions while they are studying in the UK.

It was decided that the association will be a charitable organization. It will be a non-partisan organization dedicated to educational, social and cultural well-being of the Baloch students and youth in the UK. It aims to bring together the Baloch students and youth and also to contribute-through its programs and functions- in the Baloch national struggle by disseminating a vision of unity among different sections of Baloch national struggle in Iran and Pakistan.

The association adapted the following aims and objectives as its purpose of services:

BSYA will keep an up to date registry of all Baloch students and youth, living in the UK.

The organization will advise prospective Baloch students about their concerns and queries related to coming to the UK, colleges & university admissions, courses, social & educational difficulties, accommodation and health.

In liaison with fellow members, discussions will be held to share member’s knowledge and experiences to develop a proper perception about various educational, socio-cultural and personal issues facing Baloch students in the UK.

It will celebrate various important national and International days and organize different social, cultural and educational events.

It will establish good and friendly relations with and among different Baloch student organizations and political parties in and outside Baluchistan.

The organization will contribute to a culture-among the Baloch socio-political activists-of increased respect to each other, listening, analysing diverse views and opinions regarding the national issues facing the Baloch and Baluchistan.

The organization will emphasise the need of a broader unity among the various sections of the Baloch nation.

It will provide a mechanism for liaison with other like-minded International Student’s Association or Unions.

It will contribute in developing a broader understanding of the ever increasing violation of human rights by the Pakistani and Iranian states in Baluchistan and to better inform the international community of infringements of human rights.

In order to efficiently and effectively pursue the objectives of the association, a central cabinet of three members was elected by the majority of the participants. According to which Qambar Baloch was elected as the president of the association, Asghar Baloch as General Secretary and Ali Baloch was elected as the Information Secretary of the association. The association also elected an executive committee of five members named as Hakeem Baloch, Omran Baloch, Aijaz Baloch, Niaz Baloch and Ragaam Baloch.