Nov 15, 2004

Naga: Nagas declare opposition to the use of personal mines

Naga delegation attended the Geneva Call meeting on anti personal mines
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Recently, October 31, November 1-2, a Naga delegation attended the Geneva Call meeting on anti personal mines.

The meeting was attended by nations and organizations from many parts of the world. From the beginning of the Indo Naga conflict Nagas knowing the devastating effects on innocent people, have been against the use of personal mines. As the Naga people are against this cruel method of warfare, the Naga leadership had no second thoughts of signing the deed of commitment against the use of personal mines.

The official signing ceremony took place in October 2003 and this meeting was organized for a wider understanding and reaffirmation of the pledges to prevent bloodshed, again of innocent people.

This Geneva Call commitment to the cause of humanity is increasingly supported from people all over the world. The Nagas, having been isolated for a very long time, came out to uphold that cause and to show that they are responsible partners of the in international community.

The importance of this Geneva Call’s mission is tremendous as such a mission could save the lives of countless innocent people, even today as for instance are killed in Laos and Cambodia.

Asking Th. Muivah delegation leader why Nagas find it important to be part of this mission he said:“It is a cause to save humanity from the onslaught of indiscriminate warfare. Nagas understand the real meaning of humanity in it. All sensible human beings should oppose the use of personal land mines.”

There are no mines in Nagaland then, neither laid by the Indian forces nor by the Naga Army? “So far there is none! And we want to keep it that way. The world would be much more in peace without those dreadful mines.”