Jul 09, 2012

Ogaden: Another Victim Dies In ‘Jail Ogaden’

Mr. Abdirisaq Nur Cise passed away after more than four year in the infamous prison. It is suspected that he has been poisoned as he refused to admit the charges he was accused of. 

Below is an article published by Ogaden News Agency:

The late Abdirisaq Nur Cise was incarcerated in the infamous ‘Jail Ogaden’ prison in Jigjiga for more than four (4) years. On Monday, July 2, 2012, he was taken to hospital bleeding from the nose and in very frail condition. After few hours in hospital he was pronounced dead.

Friends and relatives of the victim we have contacted had confirmed to us that the deceased had severe torture marks all over his body, but said they suspect that this was not the cause of his death. They believe that he was poisoned after he had repeatedly refused to admit the charges he was accused of, that of being member of ‘anti-peace elements’ (meaning ONLF) and rejected to collaborate with the Ethiopian regime.

Not long ago, Nadiir Sayid, an elder who was also imprisoned in the same jail for a long time, died of similar circumstances.

The practice of poisoning prisoners in ‘Jail Ogaden’ is increasing these days. Relatives of prisoners are often informed on short notice the condition of their loved ones after they’re brought to hospital in their dying hours.

The prisoners who refuse to collaborate with the regime are eliminated for fear that they might reveal their ordeal and lay charges against those who tortured them. This is also done to scare into submission the remaining prisoners who refuse to collaborate with the regime.

Mr. Abdirisaq was first arrested in 2007 and sentenced to serve three (3) years in prison on trumped up charges. After he had completed the three years sentence, he was still kept in prison without further sentencing.

Abdirisaq Nur Cise was a middle aged man who was fairly educated. He worked briefly for the famous Ogaden Welfare Society (OWS) in 1998/99 and other international NGO’s in Ogaden before they were shut down and expelled from the region. The deceased left behind six children and their mother.

We extend our sincere condolences to the family and friend of Abdirisaq Nur Ciise. May he rest in Peace.

We republish below a list of the names of prisoners who have died under mysterious circumstances in ‘Jail Ogaden’, courtesy of Ogadentoday.com, December, 2010:

1. Sh ibraahim Sheekh Muuse (Wardheer )
2. Xuseen Cabdi Qani (Wardheer)

3. Axmed Cabdi Diriye (Wardheer)
4. Muxumad Maxamed Gofadhe (Danood)
5. Nimcan- Dhulbahante
6. Deeq Cali Maxamud (Wardher)
7. C/Qowdhan Ibrahim (Q/dahar)
8. C/lahi Maxamed Cabdi (Shaygoosh)
9. Haybe Caadil Cabdi Gagaale (Dhoobowayn)

10. Garaad Xasan Axmed Makhtal- (Dh/buur)
11. Siyaad Axmed Samatar- (Dh/buur)

12. Xussen Yuusuf Cali Aar – (Guna gado)
13. Maxamed Maxamud Boogaale – (Aware)
14. Khadar khalif ilkacase Reer Diini Maxamed (Dh/buur)
15. C/lahi Sh/Maxamed Soofe – (Guna gado)
16. Mukhtar Daahir Barkhadle – (Gunagado)
17. Axmed Maxamed Gaab- (Gunagado)
18. Maxamed macalin cabdixaliin(Ciise) (Sagag )
19. Cabdi Dayib Cali Bulxan- (Fiiq)
20. Ibrahim C/raxman Axmed Jilaal – (Fiiq)
21. Sh/Cusmaan Maxamed Askar (Imay bari)
22. Saynab Mowlid Nuur Shabel- (Dhuxun)
23. Axmed Cumar Salaad – (Salaxaad)
24. Sanyare Cabdi Guhaad- (Garbo)
25. Maxamed Cali Foldheer -n (Garbo)
26. Bashir Buugle- (Dhuxun)
27. Maxamed Axmed Muxumad ( Baabili)
28. Ducaale Adan Samatar (Jigjiga) 
29. Axmed Xuseen Garamulata -Jigjiga

30. Maxamed Axmed Kamaal -Jigjiga
31. Xamdi Axmed Cabdi (Q/bayax)
32. Cali Mahdi Ibraahim (Q/bayax)
33. Ibrahim C/raxaman Dhicis (bombaas)
34. Dahir C/lahi Cumar (Bombaas)
35. Cilmi Gada Buursi (Awbare)
36. C/raxmaan Maxamed Yuusuf (Wajaale)
37. Xasan Aadan Geele Ciise- (shiniile)

38. Aadan Muuse Muxumad (Degmada erer)
39. C /laahi Xassan Ciise (deg/ereer )
40. Adan Macalin Maaday (Deg/ moyale)
41. Cabdi Cadow Calasoow (Zone) liban )
42. Axmed Caraleh Cusmaan
43. Cusmaan Maxamed Xussen
44. Xussen Adan e (Goday)
45. Amiin Garaad (Goday)
46. C/lahi Maxamuud maxamed
47. Yuusuf Sh/Ibrahim.
48. Daa’ud Ibrahim (Oromo Gindhir)