Jul 04, 2012

Hmong: Appeal For International Intervention

copyright © Patrik M Loeff

Following the recent attack from the Lao military that killed 3 Hmong, the Congress of World Hmong People calls for independent international observers to be allowed into the conflict zone.

Since 26 June 2012, the Lao military has launched rocket grenades and there is ongoing gun firing targeting the Hmong refuge territory in Saysomboun Special Zone, Laos.

Three people were recently killed at the scene and 4 others severely wounded. The area is heavily surrounded and patrolled by the military, which makes it difficult for help to reach the Hmong territory in the jungle. As a result medication and food supply are lacking, threatening the survival of the wounded people. 

The President of the Congress of World Hmong People Chonglor Her stated that "one person of the wounded people died, 3 are severely suffering and may not survive".

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) has continuously denied persecuting the Hmong and waging war against them since 1975. In 2005, when the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’s (UN CERD) requested to have access to investigate the situation and begin a conflict resolution, the Lao PDR refused to grant them access to the conflict zone. The Lao PDR still denies the repression of the Hmong and refuses the visit by a UN special rapporteur to the territory of Saysomboun Special zone, where the conflict is taking place.

President Chonglor Her has appealed to the European Parliament and the United Nations to send special observers to the armed conflicts area in Saysomboun Special Zone to reveal to the world the acts of violence, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Lao PDR. President Chonglor Her said "this is a war against the jungle Hmong" and urged the international community to immediately intervene and send humanitarian help.