Jun 14, 2012

Report on Development Cooperation with Latin America

Ricardo Cortés Lastra MEP has presented the Report on Development Cooperation with Latin America this Monday (11 June 2012) at the plenary in Strasbourg. The Report focuses on the EU development cooperation policy and the future approach towards Latin America.

The Treaty of Lisbon defines the EU actions in foreign policy as based on the principles of the universality and indivisibility of human rights, respect for human dignity and the principles of equality and solidarity.

The rapporteur believes that Latin America cannot and must not be forgotten in the new EU development cooperation policy, because while their economies are not so strongly affected by the financial crises, there remain 180 million people living below the poverty threshold and 10 countries of the region continue to be among the 15 countries with the greatest inequality in the world, according to data from UNDP.

As Santiago Fisas Ayxela MEP stated, Latin America has grown economically in the last years but that should not be an obstacle to their receiving more aid, because Latin American countries need to continue fighting poverty and to consolidate the Rule of Law. Moreover, Europe shares common values with Latin America and we as Europeans should act together to face global challenges.

The rapporteur believes that reinforcing the EU presence in Latin America could provide a new impetus towards the way out of the current crises in Europe. Therefore, it is needed a redirection of the development aid policy. Moreover, coordinated and customised cooperation is needed.

Ana Miranda MEP focused her 1 minute opinion on the human rights issues in Latin America. She stated that EU should support the indigenous people in their struggle to achieve better participation in their societies. This should help combat poverty, inequality and exclusion.  João Ferreira MEP stated that we should re-orientate the development assistance policies to greater cooperation and support while Kinga Gál MEP reinforced the focus on human rights.

From across party lines there was agreement that human rights must be seen as part of agreements between the EU and its partners, and that the EU itself should do more to ensure and promote greater care of human rights around the world – reinforcing its own commitment to support multilateralism.

The EU must continue rising to the current global challenges and improve the efficiency of its aid. Despite the crises, Europeans have the responsibility to support and help the countries in the region, encouraging regional cooperation and strengthening South-South cooperation.

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