Jun 06, 2012

Balochistan: Multinationalism Through Non-Violence

On a seminar in Punjab University, Baloch leader Abdul Hayee Baloch stressed on practicing non-violence and multinationalism as means to resolve the issues Balochistan is currently facing.  

Below is an article published by Business Recorder:

Renowned Baloch leader Abdul Hayee Baloch said on Tuesday [5 June 2012] that Balochistan issue should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations with the stakeholders and real leadership of Balochistan. He also said that the use of force is not the solution to the problems. He was addressing the seminar Balochistan: Problems and Solutions organised by Department of History, Punjab University in collaboration with Pakistan Study Centre. 

"We need to take concrete steps for the early recovery of missing persons, end to violence on sectarian and ethnic basis, and streamline the Baloch society, he stressed. He further said that the most of the leaders of the movement are all young people and even women have come out to participate in it. 

"We can come out of this crisis if the establishment realises that Pakistan is a multinational state in which every unit has its own culture, language and lifestyle," Hayee said. He was of the view that only the people should be given the right to choose their own representatives. Dean Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Professor Dr Syed Qalb-i-Abid, while introducing the topic, pointed out that the present government lacked innovation, creativity and vision; the governance part of the government is almost nonexistent.