Jun 04, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: Thousands Celebrate Culture

Southern Azerbaijani Turks organized a large conference and cultural evening on May 26, 2012 to bring together thousands of supporters in a celebration of common culture that won wide coverage on Turkish media.

Below is an article published by the Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM):

The Southern Azerbaijan Culture Bureau (Güney Azerbaycan Kültür Derneği), whose founding principle is to help the voice of Southern Azerbaijani Turks reach the Turkish media, held a large scale organization in which members of the Turkish parliament, heads of municipalities, member of different Turkish political parties (MHP and BBP), many public sector unions, writers, famous poets, singers, cultural dance groups, the press, and nearly one thousand guests participated.

Head of the Southern Azerbaijan Culture Bureau, Mr. Hakan Kaygusuz, along with other participants’ speeches, highlighted the facts about Southern Azerbaijan and the deteriorating condition of Azerbaijani Turks living within the borders of the country called Iran.

Many brochures and cultural magazines, along with books and research essays about Southern Azerbaijan, were given to the participants. The night’s honor guest was “Aşık SEFAİ”, who is a famous Turkish poet, and he grabbed the participants’ attention to their Southern Azerbaijani brothers and sisters. He said that “we, as the Turkish media and public, must be standing beside our Southern Azerbaijani brothers and sisters in their hard times.”

This organization is at a revolutionary scale because hundreds of important participants were given the opportunity to learn about Southern Azerbaijan, and to also provide them with the chance to pass their learning and information to their friends in the press and public union sectors.

The “Southern Azerbaijan Night” was covered by many members of the press, and many newspapers and online news websites mentioned night in full coverage.