Jun 01, 2012

Southern Mongolia: From Austria to Slovakia

Just as UNESCO recognized as intangible heritage the traditional grassland dances, songs and other artistic specialties of Southern Mongolia so European capitals will have the opportunity to learn about a culture under threat.

Below is an article published by Xinhua:


People in Vienna were treated to a unique cultural showcase by the renowned Wulanmuqi ensemble from Inner Mongolia's Alashan region on Wednesday and Thursday [30 and 31 May 2012].

Some 20 folk artists from China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region performed traditional grassland dances, songs and artistic specialities such as hoomi and long tones, all of which have been included in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

The Wulanmuqi group, formed in 1957, hail from the Inner Mongolia prairies. The region of Alashan in western Inner Mongolia, with a population of 240,000 people, was once considered as "the camel kingdom." The vast grasslands are known to nurture the artistic talent of the local people who often form folk artist groups, also known as "horseback troupes."

The Vienna concert was jointly organized by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Inner Mongolia and the Konfuzius Institute at the University of Vienna. The Wulanmuqi group will perform in Slovakia next.