May 23, 2012

Iranian Kurdistan: Civilians Face State Violence in Mountains

Reports are being received of a group of Kurdish field pickers becoming the target of an attack by Iranian paramilitary forces in the mountains of the West-Azerbaijan Province, leaving one person dead.

Below is an article published by Kurdpa News Agency:

Iranian para-military forces opened fire on a group of Kurdish field pickers in the mountains of Oshnawieh city in West-Azerbijan province, killing one person.

According to reports sent to Kurdpa News Agency, on May 14 [2012], a group of field workers were busy collecting wild vegetation on the mountain hills of ‘Gali Gadaran’ when they were obstructed by the regime's forces who opened live ammunition on the workers, killing the 30-year old Yousef Maroufi instantly.

Three of the accompanying workers were also arrested and taken to custody in the capital city of West-Azerbijan, Oroumieh.

Yousef Maroufi was married with children trying to make a living with wild vegetation picking.

Kurdpa reporter also confirmed that his body was returned the next day to his family, and the regime agents pressed the family to bury his body in dark without any funerals.

According to the data collected by Kurdpa, in the last two months alone, six Kurdish residents have been killed with direct shooting by the para-military forces.

The victims were defenceless on-foot couriers and Kurdish workers and field pickers.