May 21, 2012

Nagalim: NSCN-IM Underscores Agreement Terms

Naga representative indicates to the Indian government its three interlocutors, following a statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Below is an article published by E-Pao:

The NSCN-IM has reminded New Delhi today not to toy around with the ongoing dialogue with the Naga outfit.

The NSCN-IM also urged the government of India that all its official statements will be only from the Prime Minister, the Union Home Minister or the government of India's Chief Interlocutor.

This statement of NSCN-IM came after Shambhu Singh's statement appeared in the media saying, "If we don't take all three factions into account, no kind of agreement is going to succeed.

It will be a futile exercise to reach an agreement with one group".

Shambhu Singh is a joint secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs in charge of North East region.

Irked by the Ministry of Home Affairs stand, NSCN-IM's "kilo-Kilonser" (Home Minister) TT Among and convenor of Steering Committee Qhevihe Chisi Swu in a statement made available to Newmai News Network recalled the background that had formed the ongoing peace talks with New Delhi.

"It is pertinent to remind all that the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) came to the negotiating table when the government of India finally took the decision to go for a political settlement on the vexed Indo-Naga political conflict after having tasted the futility of going for military solution.

The then Prime Minister of India P.V. Narasimha Rao had particularly chosen NSCN as the only potential partner to initiate talks on Naga political settlement.

Eventually ceasefire was declared on 1st August.1997 between the NSCN and the Government of India (Gol) to pave the way for political negotiation based on three principles that the talks to be held without pre-conditions; that talks to be held at the highest level and also that the talks to be held outside India in a third country", the statement of the NSCN-IM leaders said.

Subsequent to that on July 11, 2002 the Gol recognized the "unique history and situation" of the Nagas.

We consider that the decision was a conscious and realistic step taken by the Gol We have witnessed many ups and downs in the political negotiation but reached thus far and nearing 15 years.

Today, NSCN is totally upset because after more than 14 years of political talks the government of India is showing a different color that is detrimental to solving the Naga issue on the basis of the understanding and commitment already given by the Gol, and it amounts to hitting the Nagas below the halt.

After more than 80 rounds of talks the present stage of talks indicates that it has entered into a challenging situation where crucial decisions must be taken but it appears that some elements in the government of India have started playing a divisive role.

These divisive forces are over-actively at work now and the government of India is seemingly abetting and assisting them by its inaction.

"All said and done, if the government of India is still serious about Indo-Naga talks it is imperative to make it clear whether it stands by various joint agreements signed with the NSCN and the commitments of its Prime Ministers including PV.

Narashimha Rao to the NSCN leadership Isak Chishi Swu and Mr.Th.Muivah when he met them at Paris on June 12, 1995.

In that meeting, the PM of India proposed political dialogue to resolve the political problems.

In response to his proposal the Leadership of the NSCN said: "Okay, Mr.Prime Minister why don't you talk with Khaplang Group and NNC? We will not stand in the way, but we will not be a party to it".

The Prime Minister of India replied: "Why should I talk with them, the issue is not with them.

The issue is with you.

You have proved yourself.

The people are with you and so if we talk with you, we believe solution can be worked out.

I will not talk with others," the NSCN-IM said.

"It is unfortunate to observe that while the government of India and NSCN are seriously looking into ways and means to end the more than 60 years of conflict, Mr.Shambhu Singh, Joint Secretary of MHA (North-east in-charge) is playing with the issue like a mere toy.

In this context the NSCN seriously remind the GoI their commitment that all its official statement will be only from the Prime Minister, Home Minister or the Gol Chief Interlocutor.

We are deeply concerned because we see that such harmful developments will nullify all the positive steps already achieved.

Timely intervention is advised that will be in the larger interest of ushering permanent peace in the region," the statement suggested.