May 15, 2023

Six Ahwazi Arab Political Prisoners Sentenced to Execution in Iran

On 6 March, Mizan news agency, affiliated with the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced the death sentence against six Ahwazi Arab political prisoners.


Ali Mojdam, Mohammad Reza Moghadam, Moin Khanfari, Habib Daris, Adnan Ghobishavi, and Salem Mousavi are currently in Sheiban prison in Ahwaz-(Khuzestan).

According to Mizan, The charges against these men include membership in the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA), and the alleged murder of two Basij militiamen, as well as a police force member and a conscript.

In addition, on 6 March, Iran executed Habib Cha’ab, an Ahwazi Arab political activist, after kidnapping him from Turkey in 2020. Cha’ab was a former leader of (ASMLA) and carried Swedish nationality. In a statement, the European Union condemned the execution of Cha’ab. United Nations experts in turn condemned the execution and raised alarm about the recent executions in Iran.

Accused with very serious charges, The Islamic Republic of Iran has allegedly been using mental and physical torture to obtain forced confessions. The defendants were unable to see their lawyers.

The UNPO calls to the international community to quickly request the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop the executions.

The Iranian government executions has systematically targeted ethnic minorities in Iran including Kurds and Baluchs.

Iranian citizens have been also raising their voices against the sentences showing support to the victims via a launched via the Daadkhast platform . In the petition published, citizens are strongly calling for the upholding of the sentences against the six Ahwazi Arab men. The international community should join its voice to theirs.

UNPO condemns these sentences and calls to the international community to condemn and hold the government in Iran accountable for its transgressions against Iranian people in general and minorities in particular.