May 09, 2012

Sindh : Remembrance Gathering Held In London

Many people from the Sindhi and Baloch communities gathered in London to pay tribute to Bashir Khan Qureshi, a prominent Sindhi leader who was assassinated a few weeks ago.

Below is an article published by the World Sindhi Congress:

World Sindhi Congress (WSC) held remembrance gathering on April 14th, 2012 at Sindhi centre, London to pay tribute to Bashir Khan Qureshi , courageous leader and hero of Sindhi people , who passed away on 07th  April 2012.  Gathering was joined by a vast number human rights and political activists of Sindhi, Baloch and other communities.  The participants paid tribute to the life, struggle and sacrifices of Bashir Khan Qureshi. Dr Hidayat Bhutto said that WSC will raise the murder case of Bashir Khan’s at United Nations Human Right’s Council and European Union. He said that killing of our hard working nationalist will not suppress our struggle for an independent Sindh. Bashir’s departure will never be forgotten Sindhi nation will resist this on-going tyranny in Sindh with more resistance than ever.  

Dr Naseer Dashti said that this systematic killing of Sindhi and Baloch leaders is clear message that Pakistan establishment’s desperation to suppress the struggle of Sindhi and Baloch people for their sovereignty. He said, however, Pakistan establishment is destined tol fail to subjugate Sindhi and Baloch people for long.  

Imdad Odho said that Bashir Khan was legend and he was key person in Sindh’s history who brought nationalism to common people. He was common people’s leader. 

Omar Memon and Dr Muhammod Soomro said that Bashir was one only leader who took particular interest in ordinary people’s problem. He was key instrument in resolving local tribal conflicts in Sindh.

Sultan Mahar said that we should convert our pain of enormous loss of Bashir Khan Qureshi to strengthen our political struggle and achieve our destiny.

Dr Lakhu Luhana said every spring we receive dead bodies of our courageous Sindhi leaders and activist.  However, Sindh’s political struggle is now mature and would rise to the challenge.  He said Bashir Khan leaves a clear path for us to follow which goes beyond any artificial boundaries of Pakistan and Sindhi’s rightful demand for right for self determination. Each true son and daughter of motherland Sindh has to perform their duty in the long and treacherous struggle to achieve sovereignty and dignity for Sindhi people.

Dr Rubina Shaikh said that Bashir Khan is living within hearts of all those people who firmly believe in the rights of Sindh and Sindhis to be an independent nation. Bashir Khan will remain alive with every step Sindhis will take to safeguard and free Sindh from colonisation. She also requested all Sindhi Diaspora to play their historical duty to take active part in defending right of Sindhi by influencing their local governments to put international pressure on Pakistan. 

Gathering was concluded by Vishnu Jairamani’s Sindhi poem to pay tribute to Bashir Khan, which brought tears in to many participants.  

World Sindhi Congress, also announced a protest demonstration on 29 April to be held at 10 Downing Street in London, where a petition will be submitted to the British Prime Minster to request him to press upon the Pakistani authorities to allow an independent international enquiry to establish the real cause of death of Bashir Khan Qureshi.