May 02, 2012

Somaliland: A Meeting Between The Government And Traditional Leaders Took Place In Hargeisa

Vice president praises traditional leaders for 21 years of peace and urges them to further strive enhancing peace and co-existence. 

Below is an article published by Somalilandsun:

The consultative meeting saw 80 sultans hold discussions on various issues with government officials headed by the vice president Hon Abdirahman Sayli at Mansoor hotel in Hargeisa. The government side saw a number of ministers in attendance.

The vice president said the government hosted the traditional leaders in order to discuss on and agree on a number of issues which the government considers of import thus a united front.

The VP started by asking the sultans not to attend the Somalia constitution drafty signing ceremony to be held in Mogadishu soon, he told the sultans that such an act on their side will break the united front that the country has on all issues related to Somalia.

Said he, "While we wish our brothers in Somalia all the best in their endeavors to return their country to a semblance of order, your participation in their internal affairs will bode negatively on the country"

The VP, who said that this meeting was the first of its kind to take place, urged the traditional leaders to strive further in enhancing peace and co-existence in the country. He praised them for prevalent peace which the country has enjoyed for 21 years, Said he, "You are directly responsible for the peace enjoyed in Somaliland for over 20 years while our neighbors are wallowing in squabbles"

The VP also briefed the traditional leaders on diverse activities undertaken by the government especially those pertaining to international relations where the country has acquired a new esteem and economy which is coming better than anticipated.

Recent reports have indicated that a number of traditional leaders were preparing to participate in activities pertaining to Somalia with some unconfirmed reports some were in Garowe en route to Mogadishu.