Apr 30, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: Symposium Discusses Situation Lake Orumiyeh.

The Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement organized a conference in Ankara, addressing the alarming state Lake Orumiyeh is in. The speakers agreed upon the devastating impact the drying up of the salt lake would have.    

Below is an article published by SANAM Turkey:

On Friday, April 27 [2012], an important symposium, organized by SANAM, was held in the capital of Turkey, Ankara about the purposeful drying of lake Orumiyeh. Many known Azerbaijanis participated in the symposium, both from the independent Azerbaijan Republic and from Southern Azerbaijan.  The symposium was held at the central building of the Turkish Kamu-Sen (Public Sector Union), and many renowned participants gave important speeches and presentations about the causes of the rapid drying of the lake, and the possible methods of solutions to help stop this disastrous process.

Mr. Sadi Somuncuoglu, former minister in the Turkish government, Prof. Dr. Khalilova, and the head of Turkish Kamu-Sen, Mr. Ismail Koncuk participated in the Orumiyeh Lake symposium.

Among the speakers at the symposium were Prof. Umit Ozdag from the 21. Century Institution, Mr. Abdullah Buksur, head of the Turkish World Human Rights Organization, Mr. Ahmet Demirci, head of the Turkish Farming and Forestry Union, Mr. Zaur Bayramli, Mr. Nasir Dirazshamshir (member of the SANAM intelligence committee), and Mr. Saeid Davari.

There were near 60 participants in the symposium and many members of the media participated and helped the voice of Southern Azerbaijani Turks reach the Turkish media. The Jeehan News Agency (Cihan Haber Ajansı) reported the Orumiyeh Lake symposium to the Turkish media both in written and video formats.

The speakers reached a consensus that the Iranian Regime has major roles in the rapid drying and destruction of the Orumiyeh Salt Lake. It was highlighted that Orumiyeh Lake bed contains more than ten billion tons of salt, and that the drying of lake would not only destroy life in Southern Azerbaijan, but also in the neighboring region.

This symposium, organized by the Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) was a large step towards awareness of the drying of Lake Orumiyeh by the neighboring countries.