Apr 27, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: Rights Violations Raised at Assembly

The human rights violations against the Azerbaijani Turks worldwide were discussed at a recent meeting of human rights activists, parliamentarians, journalists and academics at the 12th General Assembly of the World Azerbaijanian Congress (DAK).

Below is an article published by Gamoh:

Near 200 participants, amongst them members of the Azerbaijanian and Turkish parliaments, well known writers and thinkers, publicly renowned artists, and many human rights activists, lobbyists, and journalists united with the cause for highlighting the human rights violations that more than 50 million Azerbaijani Turks face throughout the world.

Southern Azerbaijani leader, Dr. Chehrgani, was given a round of applaud by the participants on their feet after he made a strong speech on the problems that more than 35 million Southern Azerbaijani Turks face under the tyrannical rule of the Iranian Regime. Dr. Chehrgani was honored to be the head of DAKs Advising Council, voted unanimously by the members of the World Azerbaijanian Congress.

The General Assembly was successful in regards to bringing together world Azerbaijanians together for the same cause; that is to find solutions for the injustices that are being done to our people, whether it is the occupation of Karabakh (Azerbaijani lands recognized by the United Nations) by Armenian forces, or the denial of mother tongue to Southern Azerbaijani kids living in the country called Iran.

Participants to the General Assembly are determined to unite and come together to raise awareness in the international media about the issues Azerbaijani Turks face. Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) has always been, and continues to aid DAK in its goal to bring together Azerbaijani Turks for the spread of democracy and bettering of human rights conditions in the region.