Apr 19, 2012

Somaliland: EU Delegation Visits School

A 5-member delegation of European Union officials has visited a primary school in Hargeisa to ensure that EU financial support is being correctly instigated in Somaliland.

Below is an article published by the Somaliland Sun:

A European Union-EU delegation has visited the Fadumo Bihi primary school In Hargeisa.

According to the Somaliland News Agency-SOLNA, the 5 member delegation visited the school thus inspect developments implemented under financial support from the EU at the school situated in Ahmed Dagah District of Hargeisa.

The school's Principal Mr. Nassir Jam Bulale gave the EU delegation a detailed report pursuant to the improvements at the school courtesy of the EU support. He also informed of areas that need assistance in the institution that is school to over 1000 pupils.

M/s Fadumo Bihi who is the founder of the school thanked the EU and government of Somaliland for continued support that has made it possible for the over 1000 pupils from poor families access formal education free of charge.

She urged the two benefactors to continue their support thus place the school among top institutions of primary education in the country. She also stressed on the importance of ensuring that those from vulnerable groups especially those with physical disabilities are availed equal opportunities and protected from discrimination. M/s Fadumo is herself physically disabled.

Members of the EU who came to the country to solely inspect the school left immediately via Egal international airport after their visit assured students, management and the founder of continued support to diverse projects geared towards the schools development as a prelude to uplifting the future prospects and livelihoods of children from poor families.

The EU team further pledge financial and material aid for any projects geared towards developing the living standards of people from vulnerable groups submitted by M/s Fadumo Bihi.