Apr 06, 2012

Chittagong Hills Tracts: Increasing Problem of Deforestation

The clearing of forests in Chittagong Hill Tracts for industrial and human purposes has already led to adverse changes to the environment as a result of no reforestation taking place.

Below is an article published by the Daily Star:

Destruction of forests has taken place due to industrialisation and population boom and was not compensated by reforestation. Its adverse impact on climate has been noticed. The humidity of air has been drastically reduced which affects the rainfalls in the country. If reforestation programmes are not taken by the government immediately, there is every possibility that Bangladesh will turn into a desert within a short span of time.

The government and the private organisations must come forward with specific programmes of reforestation in the country. There is a universal formula on reforestation that when you cut one tree, plant two more trees to compensate the loss. But in Bangladesh there is no such plan. On the contrary, we are destroying our forests in Chittagong Hills Tracts, Sundarbans, Gazipur, Mymensingh, etc.

In this context, we urge the government, especially the ministry of forest and environment, to come forward with a plan to plant at least 20 million trees a year throughout the country and encourage the public and private organisations to join the programmes of growing more trees to save the country from desertification.