Mar 28, 2012

Iraqi Turkmen: Commemoration Of The Altunköprü Massacre

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the Altunköprü Massacre, during which more than a hundred Iraqi Turkmen were shot by the forces of Saddam Hussein.

Below is an article published by The Iraqi Turkmen Front:

Exactly 21 years ago on the 28th of March 1991 security forces affiliated with Saddam’s army organized an armed attack against unarmed innocent Iraqi Turkmen in the Turkmen town of Altunköprü affiliated with Kirkuk.

In this act of genocide which is known as the ‘’Altunköprü Massacre’’ over 100 Iraqi Turkmen achieved martyrdom by being shot to death in the town of Altunköprü.

This great tragedy, the Genocide of the Turkmen of Altunköprü, which took place on the 28th of March 1991 has left a dark stain on the calendar of our honorable Turkish history. The martyrdom of innocent people living their ordinary lives is a terrible example of the dimension of the cruel acts directed at the Turkmen in Iraq. This disaster which displayed Saddam’s violence and in  which over 100 Iraqi Turkmen youth were shot to death also included the lives of innocent Iraqi Turkmen children. This massacre which took place in Altunköprü due to the authority gap in Iraq is a great source of sorrow for all Iraqi Turkmen.

We bow in the spiritual presence of the Altunköprü martyrs as well as all our martyrs who have given their lives for this cause and beseech the compassion of the Almighty Allah.