Mar 21, 2012

Nagalim: Calls For Release Of NSCN-IM Leader

Several Naga organizations have called for the release of the NSCN-IM leader,Anthony Ningkhan Shimray, who was arrested in September 2010. His detention has been denounced as a stumbling block to the ongoing peace process.

Below is an article published by Hueiyen Lanpao:

Chandel Naga Civil Societies under the aegis of Chandel Naga Peoples' Organization (CNPO) have announced to launch a series of intense agitations if the government of India does not release Anthony Ningkhan Shimray, Head of Foreign Affairs of NSCN-IM.

Announcing this to mediapersons during a press conference here today, Gabriel Chinir, President of CNPO informed that a decision to this effect was arrived at in a joint meeting of Chandel Naga Peoples' Organization, Naga Women's Union Chandel, Naga Students' Union Chandel and Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights.

Terming the arrest of Anthony Ningkhan Shimray as illegal and a big barrier on the ongoing peace talks, Chinir cautioned that a series of agitations would be launched if the government of India remains a silent spectator to the demand for releasing Shimray.

Shimray was reportedly arrested by the government of India on September 27, 2010 from Tribhuvan International airport, Kathmandu. He is currently lodged in Tihar jail, New Delhi. 

Meanwhile, a press statement signed jointly by the Presidents of Chandel Naga Peoples' Organization, Naga Women's Union Chandel, Naga Students' Union Chandel and the former convenor, Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights has asserted that 'illegally arrested' Naga leader, who is a person of integrity with unquestionable commitment towards peace should be released immediately.

Questioning the sincerity and commitment of the government of India towards bringing a permanent solution to the vexed Naga issue, the joint statement alleged that the conduct of the government of to hold  peace talk on one hand and arresting a member of that peace talk team tantamount to testing, challenging and disrespecting the Nagas. 

If the government of India is really sincere and committed towards the Naga issue, it must release Anthony immediately, the joint statement demanded. "India which considers itself the biggest democratic country in the world should stop behaving itself like a rogue country. However, India should behave to proof itself as a peace loving country before the world by making the hard earned cease fire agreement between the two parties enforced since 1997,  a grand success. Therefore, the ball now is in the hands of the Indian leaders for derailment or strengthening the on-going peace talks", the joint statement added.

On the other hand, a meeting convened by NPMHR & NWU on March 19 and attended by the Civil Society Organisations of Tahamzam (Senapati) has reaffirmed its earlier demand for unconditional release of Anthony Ningkhan Shimray. Issuing a joint statement in this regard, President of NPO ML Markson, President of SDWA A Lolia, President of SDSA LR Johnson, General Secretary of SKAWWA Elsy Raising Marzah, General Secretary of NWU LM Tabitha and Joyson Mazamo of NPMHR said "We are concerned and agitated at the arrest and imprisonment of Anthony Ningkhan Shimray who is a key member of the Indo-Naga Peace negotiation team. Such action is a clear violation of Ceasefire and act as an deterrent to the peace process. We therefore urged the Government of India to immediately release Anthony Shimray in the greater interest of Peace and respects for his Rights and Dignity".