Mar 12, 2012

Oromo: Artists Play Key Role In Political Resistance

Oromo artists represent a major voice in the Oromo struggle for freedom, by fostering non-violent activism and political emancipation.

Below is an article published by Oromo Centre:

The Oromo artists have been playing an important role in explaining the oppression and exploitation of the Oromo people through their music and inspiring lyrics.

According to different Youtube media, the young Oromo artists  have continued their  non-violent struggle for the Oromia‘s freedom by motivating and mobilizing different sectors of Oromo society.

The stars like Meetii Jamamaa, Taaddalaa Gammachuu and Hacaaluu Hundeessaa have raising their political and cultural consciousness in new released Oromummaa based powerful songs. They also encouraging new generation to defend their natural right by  joining the national struggle for self-determination, emancipation, and liberation.

The newly released clip of Hacaaluu Hundeessaa also confirmed that the Oromo musicians have been leading the way not only as dynamic and creative political activists but also as advocates of Oromummaa in order to overcome the oppression and exploitation of Ethiopian colonialism.

Oromo music has proven useful as a means to further the oral recording of history, conquering ignorance, and educating and leading the way for the liberation of the Oromo people who have been torn apart by civil war and famine.

Taaddalaa Gammachuu also confirmed his strong sense of Identity and advocacy for Oromo cases through his music. “Oromo activist musicians have played a tremendous positive role in restoring lost Oromo identity and resisting the neo-colonial system of the northern settlers of the years of oppression,” says one  political analyst.

As one research paper indicates the contemporary Oromo music is the product of the current freedom struggle.  “We have to recognize that music in the Oromo political struggle can be seen as a liberating force which has been used to uplift, to inspire, and to light pathways for the people, driving them to take part in the struggle against the inequality and injustice that have been imposed on them by the Habasha rulers.”

Recently, Norway-based singer Hirphaa Gaanfuree says “No” to Surrender. Hirphaa also praises Qeerroo’s campaign of non-violent continuing the struggle with No Retreat, No Surrender through a powerful revolutionary song.