Mar 06, 2012

Oromo: Youth Movement Spreads OLF Flag Despite New Law

Acts of peaceful defiance continue in face of ‘anti terror law’ that is used to crack down on dissent with imprisonment and torture.

Below is an article published by Qeerroo:


In a clear defiance to the anti terror law, The National Youth Movement of Qeerroo Network have hanged the OLF flag in different part of many cities in Oromiya. According to a report sent with pictures of OLF flag in public areas and main road in Naqamte, Gedo and other cities; it is to be understood that it is a big blow to the regime who recently enacted the so called “anti terror law” and listed five organization as terrorist as a way to clampdown on dissents and solicit funds and supports from western governments.

This act of heroism comes in spite of the ongoing mass imprisonment, torture and forced exiling of activists and normal civilians accusing them of encouraging and participating in the Qeerroo resistance.

The illegitimate government in Addis, who was caught in big fear with the ongoing movement, is engaged in routine and multiple checks points in and around many suspected cities including Ambo, deploying hundreds if not thousands of soldiers. In the same news, in many towns of West Shoa zone the regimes cadres are troubling the residents with never ending public investigation and self incriminating events in a bid to track the Qeerroo network movement.

In the current scenario of the regime turning blind eye to the genuine demand of the public and the intensified effort of the people inspired and led by Qeerroo movement, the problem of the country is far from over.