Feb 27, 2012

Nagalim: Mass Protest In Delhi

During a mass remonstration, more than 2000 people of Delhi’s Naga communities joined to demand an accelerated and concrete solution to the Indo-Naga conflict.

Below is article published by Kangla Online:

Under the banner of Naga Peace Facilitation Committee Delhi (NPFCD), Nagas residing in Delhi took out mass rally at the national capital today [25 February 2012].

The mass remonstration rally was held in the backdrop of the long drawn out Indo-Naga political dialogues spanning over 14 years.

The main demand of the rally was to impress upon the Government of India to accelerate the bilateral political dialogue to bring about a viable solution within a specific time-frame based on the "Uniqueness of the Naga History".

The rally was participated by the whole Naga communities in Delhi.

The Indian civil societies, media Houses and various solidarity groups also participated to show their support for the cause of the Nagas.

It has been estimated that over 2000 people have taken part in the mass remonstration rally.

Some of the prominent slogans written on the banners and placards read, "Accelerate the Bilateral Political Dialogues for Solution within a specific time-framed Period", "Withdraw the Imposition of Conditions on the Collective Leadership", "Stop Criminalising Naga National Movement", "We condemn the arrest and detaining of Ningkhan Shimray", "MHA has no right to interfere in Indo-Naga issue", "NIA-Stop Projecting the Nagas as terrorist" "Stop Dividing the Nagas", "Nagas will never accept any imposition", "Nagalim is our birthright" etc.

Later the NPFCD submitted a two-page memorandum to Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh reiterating the demands of the Nagas in Delhi for fruitful solution at the earliest.