Feb 24, 2012

UNPO General Secretary Condemns Assassination Attempt on President Ankvab

UNPO General Secretary, Marino Busdachin, Condemns Assassination Attempt on President Ankvab

The Hague, 23 February 2012 – UNPO deplores in the strongest possible terms the assassination attempt on the democratically elected President of Abkhazia, Aleksandr Ankvab made yesterday morning and sends its condolences to the families of those killed or injured in what was a senseless attack.

In what is the fifth attempt against his life since 2005 and a move with clear motives to destabilise a young but maturing democracy, it both reflects the great difficulties facing Abkhazia in light of limited international recognition but also the resilience of the achievements Abkhazia has made since 1991.

The people of Abkhazia elected President Ankvab as the leader of their nation in fair and democratic elections in 2011 and yesterday’s attack represents a serious affront to this democratic process and to the parliamentary elections to be held next month.

This attack must not be allowed to overshadow or unduly affect the forthcoming elections and we sincerely wish President Ankvab a full and speedy recovery. 

 Marino Busdachin

UNPO General Secretary

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