Feb 21, 2012

Abkhazia: Ambassador Disappointed With Georgia’s Tuvalu Snub

The diplomat responded to the severing of diplomatic ties with Tuvalu by Georgia, after the island recognized Abkhazia.

Below is an article published by Radio Australia:

The ambassador at large for Abkhazia says he is disappointed the nation of Georgia has severed its diplomatic ties with Tuvalu as a reaction to the island deciding to recognise his country and also Southern Ossettia.

Over the past two years Tuvalau, Nauru and Vanuatu have given diplomatic recognition to the two former Georgian provinces.

Both has the financial mad military support of Russia, and in 2008 it backed them in a military clash with Georgia and Russian soldier remain based in both of them.

But Russia has been pushing countries to give their support to Abkhazia and South Ossettia.

So far five have done so.

But Abkazia's Ambassador at large Juris Gulbis says the Western countries are now trying to use their diplomatic and financial power to convince smaller, aid reliant countries, to resist his country's push for diplomatic recognition.