Feb 20, 2012

Ogaden: New Spate Of Killings By Ethiopian Army

In the Ogaden region, concern mounts as the Ethiopian army murdered 16 civilians, wounded 20 others and detained more than a hundred.

Below is an article published by Ogaden Online:

The Ethiopian Army had staged a new wave of genocide in Ogaden .On February 12, 2012 the Ethiopian Army in Ogaden opened fire on a local assembly of called by the elders in Gunagado district of Degahbur region. They killed on the spot 16 civilians including elders, women and children. In addition, the Army seriously wounded more than 20 people .The town’s folk were discussing how to complain to the Ethiopian Army command in the area about the assassination of a senior elder and the District Commissioner of the town the night before by the Ethiopian Army. Moreover, troops detained more than one hundred people from the town and took them to unknown destinations. It had been the practice of the Ethiopian Army in the Ogaden to take civilians to other areas and kill them.  The Ethiopian Army has cut off all communication to the area.

This pogrom is creating terror among the people in the Ogaden who are vacating villages around the major towns.

ONLF calls upon the international community to condemn the Ethiopian regime for this heinous act and pressure it to stop acting with impunity. As the attention of the international community is now refocusing on the Horn of Africa, specifically the Humanitarian catastrophe, it is high time that the Human Rights calamity in the Ogaden be addressed too.

The following are among those killed:

Abdulqadir Guuleed Folow: Senior elder assassinated Moalim Khadar: District Commissioner of Gunagado Abdi Arab: Elder Abdi Ali bade: Businessman Shiekh Khalif: The Iman of the town