Feb 16, 2012

Assyria: New TV Station Launched

A commemoration for Naum Faik, Assyrian journalist and figurehead, marked the establishment of a new television channel in Sweden.

Below is an article published by Assyrian International News Agency:

Nearly one thousand Assyrians in Sweden gathered on Sunday [12 February 2012]  to inaugurate a new internet TV channel called Assyria-TV.

The occasion also marked the annual commemoration of the Assyrian journalist and national hero Naum Faik (1868-1930), a founding father of Assyrian nationalism.

Assyria TV is managed by an democratically elected board and funded by the Assyrian Federation of Sweden and its member associations across the country.


To watch Assyria TV, follow this link: http://www.assyriatv.org/

For more information about the Assyrian Federation of Sweden, follow this link: http://www.assyriskariksforbundet.se/